Church-Wide Devotionals

Devotional Plans


APRIL 19 - 25

Are you tired of playing it safe with your faith? Are you ready to face your fears, build your faith, and unleash your potential?
Join us as a church as we dive into this 7-day Bible Plan. Invite a friend, do this with your family - learn to pray dangerously—because following Jesus was never meant to be safe.



Few people do we emotionally relate to in the Bible more than Ruth; a poor, widowed foreigner who made God her priority and watched as He transformed her life. 
We'd love for you to join us as we read through the book of Ruth together this week and discover what we can learn from the trials she experienced in her life. 


MARCH 23 -28

Thankfully through technology, God has given us the tools to remain connected to one another digitally. We believe in the power of community so much that we're not letting anything stop us from connecting with each other. So starting Monday, March 23rd, we’re kicking off a church-wide, 5-day devotional time together and you don't want to miss it!

Despite what anxiety and fear we may observe in the world around us, we will choose faith.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll dive together into “Anxious for Nothing”, a 5-day plan that looks at celebrating God’s goodness, asking for His help, leaving your concerns with Him, and meditating on good things that will allow us to experience God’s peace.

We hope you will join us and complete this plan. We hope that you’ll reach out and invite a friend to do this with you. Every day, Monday through Friday, we will have a member of our staff team stream live on Facebook and lead through what was most meaningful for them that day. We pray that you’ll join us and participate in the discussion.